Rents Going Up – Buy a Home Now

According to some of the top CEO’s of some of the nation’s largest rental companies, rents are going to be increased this year for single family homes. Not a good thing for the tenants, looks like it’s time to cut the landlord loose and make that home purchase! Rents are projected to be increased 5.7% this year as these companies take advantage of the high rental demand for the single family homes. They want to optimize the thousands of properties they already own. Sounds to me like a lot of greed going around, why can’t they be happy with the steady rent?

American Homes 4 Rent is one of this country’s largest publicly traded single family landlords with about 35,000 homes in its inventory. They feel that they are seeing the ability to move rents. This was a statement made by the CEO for the company – David Singelyn.

In times when the American people are still struggling with day to day overhead, rent is a huge part of that equation. Why take advantage of the public and stick it to them and keep raising the rent because the numbers says it’s okay to do it? Isn’t life hard enough?

American Homes 4 Rent isn’t the only one of course. Blackstone Group is another one, and Silver Bay, Starwood Waypoint, American Residential Properties, and of course there’s more. All of these companies have these great sounding names but underneath they are just a bunch of investing Wall Streeters that only eye a buck.

Didn’t GREED get us into the problem back in 2008?