Florida is Number 2 for CEOs for Business

Chief Executive Magazine surveyed CEOs across the country to determine which states rank the best to do business in. Texas takes the top spot once again with Florida getting even closer to edging them out of the first place position. The magazine surveyed over 500 CEOs that they are familiar with to get the results.

Some items that were taken into account were: taxes, regulations, living environment and the quality of the workforce. Most CEOs like states that have a pro-growth low tax nature because there is hope to expand without getting raked over the coals. Speaking of getting raked over the coals, California is still considered the worst state to do business in because of the taxes and regulation issues. It has had this position of being the worst state for the last ten years in a row - OUCH!

Florida meanwhile is making leaps and bounds to move forward, past its tourism business stance to draw in other forms of bigger businesses. Florida is smart to employ this view in an attempt to move outside industry and businesses to the Sunshine State. As time moves forward, this is working to help Florida become known as a state that is good for all types of business and not just "Mickey Mouse" and the "Beach".

State governments use the survey from the magazine to gather data to see where they fit in compared to other states that are all competing to attract businesses to their state. Corporations use the data to see where the next move or expansion may be to locate offices or bases. Apparently California is taking the info and using it for toilet paper or they need some help reading it.

Next year - Hopefully Florida will be in the Number One top position.