Americans Confident in Real Estate Investing

A Recent study/survey done by Gallup has indicated that Real Estate is moving up in the confidence of Americans to invest in Real Estate. About 31% of Americans felt that Real Estate was the top long term investment. This is the second year in a row that Real Estate has garnered this position. According to this news Americans have an increasing confidence in the Real Estate market which means that the overall housing market is in a state of recovery.

Real Estate scored higher than other avenues of investments such as stocks and mutual funds which about 25% of Americans rated it as a top long term viable investment. Gold came in at 25% for the long term, savings accounts and CD's came in at 19% and bonds at 6%.

After the big financial meltdown of recent years, financial security has taken a big spot in people's lives. A lot of money was placed in savings accounts and CD's to guard against any future losses until other more revenue generating prospects came along. The last two years has seen a boom in confidence in the Real Estate sector for investment.

According to Gallup, because Real Estate has showed up in the last two years in the survey regarding investment it is a definite thing, not any kind of a fluke. Obviously with a good amount of transactions being paid for with cash funds it's pretty apparent that Real Estate is coming along rock solid.

Let's all hope the trend continues.

Information for this article obtained from RIS Media, De Vita, Suzanne